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How do you know where to take photographs?

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  How do you know where to take photographs?

How do you know where to take photographs?

The secret of any good photographer is to always be on the lookout for a good place to take photographs and record them in your mind or if forgetful write in a note book. .

Now that may sound obvious but I first saw this place at dusk in the rain and it looked gloomy boring but at the first sign of a hoar frost I knew where to go. I remembered the trees and hope the frost would be prominent also the fence leading into the photograph and the covered uncovered wagon and red wheels.

I have hundreds of places in my mind to visit as an when the weather sun etc is right. There is more reflective light here than one would think auto would over expose, so I walked to the wagon and took a meter reading from the green area, set the camera on manual and here is the result.
This has proved a popular photograph due to the rareness of hoar frost and covered wagons. I have sold this photograph in many forms as a print, a framed print, on canvas, and shower curtain.
Look for the unusual the different place angle scene, be different show others the world that you see. That is what I try to do with my photography. A photograph is not just taken it is made.

Take and make your photographs with thought and care. Be unique experiment and if this fails to live to your expectation you have learned a valuable lesson. That is the time not to delete but save so later you can look back and see how much progress you have made. It is said the first 1000 photographs anyone takes are awful. Keep at it and learn as you go.

People are sometime neglected or just casually snapped. People are characters to turn into something special. Get to know the person relate understand and then photograph. Choose the location background and pose to enhance the person but not distract from the main subject.
Subtitle difference makes a big difference. Study some photographs on line the style you like and adapt to your situation. We all learn from others, don’t copy put your slant your personality into every photograph.

One of the biggest compliments I had in the past few weeks is a lady wrote to me having seen a few my photographs in a magazine. The lady said. “I knew these photographs were yours long before I read the buy line Photographs by David Matthews. I recognized your signature style unique to you.”
A wonderful compliment having worked hard for years to accomplish a style, I am still not sure what my style is. I can only put this style down to practice thought composition knowing how to use my camera, and showing others how I see the world.

Be unique be you show others what you see. Think compose and expose. Above all have fun in expressing your view on the world.